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Metallic Gray Cast Acrylic

Metallic Gray Cast Acrylic

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Our Metallic acrylic sheet combines the allure of metallic sheen with a sophisticated matte finish, creating a unique and contemporary look. On the other side is a shimmering surface that reflects light like molten metal. This unique sheet offers a matte finish on one side and a glossy finish on the other. Opaque acrylic sheets block most light, preventing clear visibility through them. Versatile and durable, they’re perfect for signs, displays, and all your creative projects. Plus, they're super easy to cut and shape, making your DIY adventures even more fun!


 Acrylic Type Cast
Opacity Opaque
Surface Finish Glossy/Matte
Masking Paper


Note that edges and corners may be imperfect due to the cutting process. Please allow for a variance of +/- 1/8 inch in length and width sizes, and a +/- 30% nominal in thickness for all acrylic sheets.

While we strive for accuracy in representing colors and images, it's important to note that the appearance of our products on our website may differ slightly due to variations in screen resolution and calibration among different devices.

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